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Air Still

Complete Home Still to make Distilled water, Alcohol (see legality), Essential Oil and Fuel Ethanol.

Comes with £20 worth of free Yeast, Clearing, Flavouring and Base packs.

Air Still

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Complete Home Still to make Distilled water, Alcohol (see our UK Disclaimer Page), Essential Oil and Fuel Ethanol. Comes with £20 worth of free Yeast, Clearing, Flavourings and Base packs.

With this still, there are none of the traditional safety concerns when distilling, and operation is as simple as filling the still with wash, turning it on, then sitting back to watch the collection vessel fill up with the fruits of your labour!

Now comes with the unique Still Spirits collector/filter to produce the finest quality alcohol.

Special offer

We are currently offering a free flavour starter pack with every Air Still. This is worth over £20 and contains:

  • 1x Triple Distilled Yeast & Turbo Carbon
  • 1x Turbo Clear
  • 1x Classic Whisky sachet
  • 1x Classic Rum sachet
  • 1x Classic Gin sachet
  • 1x Pack of 5 charcoal filters
  • 1x Spirit Hydrometer
  • 1x Distillers Conditioner
  • 1x Pack of Ceramic Boil Enhancers

This gives you everything you need (except sugar) to produce 7 litres of 40% ABV spirit (10 bottles) (worth over £20).

Which is best: The Air Still or the T500 still?

We've created a quick guide that compares the benefits of the T500 Still and the Air Still so you can decide which is the best for you.

Still Dimensions

The still is approximately 370mm high, with the diameter at the widest point being 235mm.

The boil chamber has internal dimensions of 190mm in diameter by 200mm deep.

Customer Reviews

Good easy still to useReview by Terry
A good still that is very simple to use and is very compact. No tubes and water cooling and no guesswork on what to extract and throw away. Extracting 750ml and diluting with 350 ml water gives 1.1 liters at good quality after filtered. Use the tripple distilled turbo yeast and there's no throwing away heads.

A safe still with no explosive risks or poisoning if you follow instructions.

Produces a refined smooth spirit using the still spirit range.

The flavorings available are very good and fair priced. (Posted on 19/07/2013)

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