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Brew Beer at Home,
Save Money & Have Fun!

Are you sick of paying over £3.00 per pint in your local?

Brewing your own beer is really easy, and you can enjoy great tasting home brewed beer from 49p per pint!

Build your starter bundle now!

What do I need?

1: A Beer Kit

A beer kit contains liquid malt extract, along with other ingredients (hops). The kit also includes a specialist yeast to produce the best quality beer.

We recommend our Beerworks range for begginers. They offer fantastic quality and include all the ingredients you need.

2: A Starter Pack

One of our starter packs will provide you with all of the items you will need to make your beer.

You only need to buy this once. All of your equipment is reusable and will last for years if looked after.

You will need additonal supplies of steriliser & CO2 gas at some point.

3: A Little Bit of Time

The first time through we would recommend you set aside up to an hour to start the fermentation, and about the same for finishing and bottling/barreling.

We can't supply you with time, but we can give you all the help and advice you need to make fantastic beer at home!

Build your starter bundle now!

Is it easy to do?

1: Mix

Allow: 30 minutes (approx)

After sterilising all equipment, mix the beer kit ingredients with water as per the instructions.

2: Ferment

Allow: 10 days (approx)

Fermentation is where the magic happens and the yeast converts the sugar to alcohol.

3: Bottle or Barrel

Allow: 15-30 minutes (approx)

Once fermentation is complete you need to bottle or barrel your beer. This is simply a case of personal preference.

4: Condition

Allow: Up to 2 weeks (approx)

Your barreled or bottled beer needs to condition in a cool environment for about two weeks for best results.

5: Enjoy

Allow: As much time as you need!

Sit back and enjoy your first batch of home brewed beer! The beer will last up to 6 months, but we're sure you'll be onto your second batch before then!

Build your starter bundle now!

Build Your Beer Starter Bundle

Step 1: Choose Your Beer Kit
Step 2: Choose to Bottle or Barrel?
Step 3: Choose Your Equipment Pack

Dragon's Spéciale Kentish Bitter

Was: £19.95 Special Offer: £18.95

The aroma is reminiscent of a floral bouquet with undertones of sweet citrus fruits, light spice and soft honey. The flavour is full with delicious caramel malt and biscuit malt character followed by a light spiciness coming through in the flavour followed by floral lavender and thyme.


Uncle Teddy's Yorkshire Bitter

Was: £19.95 Special Offer: £18.95

The aroma is lightly herbal with minty notes, a lovely freshly cut hay character is evident along with a lightly floral note like a summer hedgerow. The rich malt backbone to this beer is complemented well by the slightly woody and grassy hop character creating an interesting counter point.


Sheepdog's Pride Suffolk Bitter

Was: £19.95 Special Offer: £18.95

Heady aroma of spicy cedar and pine followed by rich honey and uplifting lemon notes make this extremely appetising. The cedar and pine character follows through onto the palate tempering the malt sweetness although the aftertaste has verdant berries and pears in abundance.



Barreling is a quick and easy option, and is prefered by most beer/ale drinkers.



Bottling generally takes a bit longer, but makes it easier to chill and store your beer.


Luxury Beer Starter Pack

Equipment Pack Was: £120.83 Special Offer: £79.00

The wide-necked King Keg is extremely easy to clean.


Superior Beer Starter Pack with Barrel

Equipment Pack Was: £102.00 Special Offer: £69.00

Our best value starter pack with a barrel.


Superior Beer Starter Pack with Bottles

Equipment Pack Was: £76.85 Special Offer: £51.50

A great value starter pack for those wishing to bottle their beer!


Premium Beer Starter Pack

Equipment Pack Was: £47.50 Special Offer: £29.95

If you already have bottles you wish to use, this is the kit for you!


Was: £ Special Offer: £

Was: £ Special Offer: £
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  • Includes Free Instructional DVD worth £19.95!
  • Includes Free UK Mainland Delivery*
  • All equipment is reusable**