Beerworks® Beer Kits are exclusive to Love Brewing.
We've spent years sourcing the best possible ingredients at the best price to help you produce fantastic quality beers at home with minimal fuss. These kits produce a pub-quality pint within 3 weeks. The quality is worth the wait, trust us!

Beerworks Craft Series Kits

The Beer kit of choice for beginners and experienced brewers alike. These are the best extract kits on the market.

Wineworks Premium Wine Kits
Beerworks Part Grain Kits

For existing brewers that want to experiment using grain, these hits are a hybrid of a traditional extract kit and an all-grain kit.

Wineworks Superior Wine Kits
Beerworks All Grain Kits

For those wishing to get into all-grain brewing, we take the hassle out of shopping for ingredients and finding recipes with these fantastic all-grain beer kits.