Country Wine Recipes


Recipe: Making Apricot Wine 6 or 12 bottle Kits

Delicious on its own or mix it up as a spritzer with sparkling mineral water. You could also enjoy chilled in summer!

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Recipe: Making Black Cherry Wine 6 or 12 bottle Kits

Cherry Wine is best served at a cool room temperature and makes a perfect dessert wine.

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Recipe: Making Bilberry Wine 6 or 12 bottle Kits

The perfect choice for the beginning winemaker. Producing a fantastic full bodied wine that's also full of the Bilberry flavour./p>

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Recipe: Making Beetroot Wine 6 or 12 bottle Kits

A destinctive country wine with a aftertaste which includes the flavour of beetrrot.

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Recipe: Making Parsnip Wine 6 or 12 bottle Kits

Parsnips are sweet and flavourful and create a warm, full-bodied wine which is often likened to a sherry.

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Recipe: Making Raspberry Wine 6 or 12 bottle Kits

Raspberries make a refreshing and delicate wine and lend themselves to wine making very easily.

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Recipe: Making Carrot Wine 6 or 12 bottle Kits

This recipe makes a wine from carrot's, that is rich in taste and golden in colour.

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Recipe: Making Elderberry Wine 6 or 12 bottle Kits

One of the most popular country wines. Make's a wine as good as any grape wine.

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Recipe: Making Blackberry Wine 6 or 12 bottle Kits

Another very popular dessert country wine. Great to drink to also to add as a flavour to gateau's etc.

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Recipe: Making Rose Petal Wine 6 or 12 bottle Kits

Turn this country wine into a sparkling wine and you'll get excellent results. A lovely summer drink!

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Recipe: Making Peach Wine 6 or 12 bottle Kits

A beautifully scented medium sweet wine with soft ripe fuit flavours. Excellent summer drink.

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Recipe: Making Rhubarb Wine 6 or 12 bottle Kits

An excellent quality, that really shines through in a country wine so this rhubarb wine recipe is definately winner.

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