Cleaning your Airstill

The Still Cleaner is specifically designed to removing stains from the interior of your Air Still. It’s also very good at removing any buildup of fur in the coil which sits inside the lid of the airstill. This can lead to distillation taking longer so it's important to keep this free. We also like it when it's combined with the Wineworks Cleaner/Steriliser (if using this add half as much again of this).

We would recommend you give your airstill a good soaking every 20 goes but more of interest is when its looking like it needs a good clean.

Fill the still with 4 litres of hot water. Add 2 tablespoons of cleaner. Leaving the lid off, switch on the power until the still boils. Once boiling switch off the power and leave for 20 mins to cool, then discard the water. If there are still stains then repeat if necessary. If the stains are slightly above the 4 litre mark then add a little extra water until they are covered. This solution can be used on the lid as well. The lid should be inverted and the solution should be poured into the hole in the lid. Keep pouring till full (some will over flow so make sure you do it on an area where it won’t harm anything like a sink draining board) and leave for two hours, then discard. This is particularly useful if doing essential oil extraction.

Cleaning your T500

Like the airstill the body of the machine will start to show signs of tarnishing. The best way to remove this is with the Still Cleaner. Add 150gms of the Cleaner to the boiler body which should be full of hot water. Fill close to the top but allow enough head room when it boils it won’t overflow. We also like to use the Wineworks Cleaner/Steriliser with this. Use half as much again of this.

Switch on the machine and bring to almost boiling point. Switch off and then leave for a few hours. Repeat if necessary.

For the Column remove all the Copper and Stainless (ceramic if you haven’t upgrade the older models) Steel Ceramics. These can be put in a tub or a jug with some hot water and a couple of spoonful’s of Cleaner and left for a few hours. The column itself should have the pipes removed and this can be put into the boiler which is full of the cleaner solution. After a suitable amount of time this needs to be turned around so the other end is submerged in the liquid. This will allow the inside to be really well cleaned. Repeat if necessary. Do not worry if when seeing water flowing through the column that it comes out of the black plastic block at the top. This is quite normal (it’s not a sealed unit).

We would recommend doing full clean every ten distillations but more if you really want the wash not to infect other washes with a taste. Especially so if using Essential Oils.