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Still Spirits Commercial Equivalents

Below is a list of popular commercial Spirits & Liqueurs, and their Still Spirits equivalents.

Absolute Citrus Vodka Top Shelf Citrus Vodka
Amaretto Top Shelf Amaretto
Amarula Top Shelf Marula
Apricot Brandy Top Shelf Apricot Brandy
Bacardi Top Shelf White Rum
Baileys Top Shelf Irish Cream
Benedictine Top Shelf Reverendine
Black Heart Navy Rum Top Shelf Dark Rum
Bombay Saphire Gin Classic Gin
Bundy Rum Classic Queensland Gold Rum
Bundy Rum Top Shelf Aussie Gold Rum
Bushmills Irish Whiskey Top Shelf Irish Whiskey
Camus VSOP Classic VSOP
Canadian Club Top Shelf Rye Whiskey
Candy Shots Top Shelf Candy Shots
Captain Morgan Classic Calypso Dark Rum
Chatelle Classic Brandy
Cointreau Top Shelf Triple Sec
Coruba Top Shelf Jamaican Dark Rum
Coruba Classic Dark Jamaican Dark Rum
Drambuie Top Shelf Scotch Heather
Frangelico Top Shelf Hazelnut
Galiano Top Shelf Italiano
Glenmorangie Top Shelf Smokey Malt Whisky
Gordons Top Shelf English Gin
Grand Marnier Top Shelf Grande Paris
Jack Daniels Top Shelf Bourbon
Jack Daniels Classic Tennessee Bourbon
Jim Beam Top Shelf Kentucky Bourbon
Kahlua Top Shelf Cafelua
Lambs Navy Rum Classic Navy Dark Rum
Laphroaig Classic Finest Reserve Scotch Whisky
Martineau Top Shelf French Brandy
Metaxa Top Shelf Ouzo
Midori Top Shelf Melon Liqueur
Opal Nero Top Shelf Black Sambuca
Pepe Lopez Top Shelf Tequila
Poire William Top Shelf Pear Schnapps
Sambuca Top Shelf White Sambuca
Smirnoff Top Shelf Vodka
Southern Comfort Top Shelf Southern Haze
Teachers Classic Whisky
Tia Maria Top Shelf Coffee Maria
Vandermint Top Shelf Chocolate Mint

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