What to look for in a Spindle Press


Check List of Features

You'll probably only buy a press once! So, here is a list of features you should look for.

Press Types

Primarily, there are 2 types of presses available. These are the Crossbeam Press and the Spindle Press. To be sure, if you are new to using a press then it's probably a good idea to learn a little about them.

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Without a doubt you should try our YouTube channel where you'll find videos about fruit and wine presses. So, here's a sample which may help.


The Spindle Press

  • Consider, the mechanism for winding down. Is this a Ratchet? If not, is it a fixed plate? If so, this will make turning down very difficult.
    Imagine, two wooden blocks with a tremendous amount of pressure on them. Where are they to go? The friction will be tremendous. Also, you'll find that you won’t get as much juice from a pressing. Consequently, you should be sure to look for a Rachet or Fixed Plate.

    Additionally, unless you are very strong you will have problems turning without this mechanism. Whatsmore, it can also snap easily.
Materials Used In Production
  • Is the centre spindle made of Stainless Steel (A37 for the technical people) or is it just steel? The acidity of the fruit will destroy the steel very quickly if it's not stainless steel.
  • Are the wooden sides of the press made from Evaporated Beech Wood? Other wood will swell after pressing and cleaning.
  • Is the base made from Pressed Steel that needs reinforcing? Cheaper casts won’t last and take the pressure. They crack remarkably easily.
  • Is the basket completely separable? Our basket comes to bits in two complete halves making cleaning much easier.
  • Do the feet (on the larger presses) come with pre-drilled holes? This will make it easy to fix the location. Are these feet attached to the base? Note that, they should be. You certainly don’t want them screwed to a wooden base as these will strip easily with the press.
  • What guarantee do you get? Our Spindle presses come with a 5-year guarantee. These should last you a lifetime.
  • Our Italian manufacturer has been producing these presses for over 50 years and they are still made in the traditional way but incorporating modern techniques. Further, they, like us, have a reputation to uphold quality and customer satisfaction.
  • We also know we are the cheapest on the market for a quality press and we won’t be beaten on price. So if you can buy the same quality delivered cheaper we will refund the difference.
  • All our presses are normally in stock in the UK. Any damage or problems are sorted immediately. Similarly, if you find you have bought the wrong size (it's not every day you buy a winepress so it’s quite easy to get it wrong) we are happy to exchange. Either by carrier or more simply just bring it back and we will do it there and then.
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