Hints & Tips for Still Spirits

Hints & Tips: Fermentation

My wash failed to start fermenting
If the airlock is not bubbling after 24 hours it is most likely that the fermenter is not sealed properly. Check you have pressed the lid on correctly. Next check you have a good seal by lightly pressing the sides of the fermenter to force some air out through the airlock. When you release the pressure on the bucket the air should try to get back in through the airlock. If sealed properly the water level should remain uneven in the airlock (more water on one side than the other). In some circumstances the yeast can stop working before all the sugar is used. This will be indicated by a final hydrometer reading higher than 990. Any reading above 1000 on a standard Wash, Wine & Beer Hydrometer suggests that something has gone wrong. In most cases a good stir to get the yeast back into circulation should get the wash fermenting again. The most common cause of stuck fermentation is low temperature. In this case simply move the fermenter to a warmer place and stir the yeast back into the liquid. An inexpensive stick-on thermometer (available from us here) will help monitor the temperature. If you are having problems maintaining temperature, a purpose designed , or . .

Hints & Tips: Distillation

Wash not fermented completely
If for any reason the wash has not fermented completely, (i.e. above 990 SG all the sugar has not been converted to alcohol), then you will not collect the full amount of distillate through the Still. If you have not collected the full amount of alcohol, check you have used the correct amount of sugar/ dextrose in the Wash; and/or the specific gravity is below 990 before distilling; and/or there is no steam leak during distillation. A typical wash will take around 2 hours to run through the still. It will take about hour to heat up before any condensate will run out of the condenser. It will then take 1 hours to collect 800mls of alcohol at 60%. This is a rough guide only. If the wash is not fully fermented out, then the unfermented sugars can foam causing the wash to come through the condenser with the distillate. Top Shelf Distilling Conditioner should be used to increase yield or avoid problems.

Filtering Your Spirit

Use the Still Spirits EZ Inline Filter, Z Filter or EZ Filter System to filter your spirit (sold separately). The Still Spirits EZ Filter is the latest development in alcohol filtration. It uses a specially formulated solid activated carbon cartridge to remove unwanted flavours from distilled alcohol. The cartridge’s porous design allows the spirit to pass through and the unwanted flavours to be absorbed by the activated carbon. The cartridge eliminates the need to handle powdered or granulated carbons.

Hot climates (1)
We would recommend you use Heatwave Turbo Yeast. This is designed to ferment in temperatures above 33°C Fill some PET soft drink bottles with water and freeze, then add throughout fermentation to control the temperature.