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The BIG January Sale 2020

Promotional prices will run until Friday, 31st January 2020
All offers apply whilst stocks last and may be subject to change.

Wineworks Vino Dried Fruit Wines

Unfortunately, we can no longer get the “Belvino” Range of Dried Fruit Wine Kits. However, we have been very busy putting together our own range called Wineworks Vino Dried Fruit Wines.

We hope you will enjoy these and if you want to travel to Hot Countries with Alcohol Restrictions you should find these as good as the Belvino which will be very much missed.

We offering these at an introductory price of just

RRP - £18.95


Golden Rocket Strong Pale Ale - Beerworks Craft Brewery Series

The Golden Rocket Strong Pale Ale uses Simcoe hops and produces a rather crisp and fruity Ale with a super golden colour like an IPA.
Now Only £25.95


Golden Ale - Beerworks Craft Brewery Series

New style of pale beer well hopped and thirst quenching. Biscuity and juicy malt flavour derived from the pale malts disguised with a citrus and peppery hop.
Now Only £20.95


Presidents Sierra American Pale Ale - Beerworks Craft Brewery Series

Presidents Sierra American Pale Ale - This is using the Citra Hop and comes out at 5.0%.
Now Only £22.50

Vintners Reserve

The industry’s first 28 day winemaking kit, contains 100% pure varietal grape juice and concentrate. This 10 litre wine kit continues to set the standard in its category by yielding wines of excellent quality, flavour and aroma. Vintners Reserve offers a wide range of varieties that allows the winemaker to experience numerous styles and tastes. Enjoy within one month of bottling.

Reds were £53.95 and Whites were £51.46

Wineworks Superior Wine Kits

Buy the Pinot Grigio or the Red Rioja and enjoy great savings. These 2 kits are now priced the same as you would pay for our Premium kits.

Were £36.95 Now only £32.95

 Muntons - Cheeky Chimp Cocktails
Muntons - Cheeky Chimp Cocktails

The beauty of the Cheeky Chimps drinks is that they only take a few minutes to make and they don't require any equipment. There are 5 easy steps to follow and 21 days later its ready to drink.


Heat Tray (The Brew Pad) 27x27cm 25w

Ideally suited for Large (30ltr) and Small (10ltr) buckets and Demijohns etc. The Heat Trays are not thermostatically controlled so if the fermentation is taking place in a room that the temperature rises during the day then it is advisable to turn this off during this time.

Was - £34.96
Now Only £24.95


Coopers Original Series

A great choice of 5 homebrewing kits all reduced.

Now Only £10.45


No-Rinse & Cleaner Steriliser - 250g

Choose from either the 250g No-rinse Steriliser or the 250g Cleaner Steriliser

Now Only £2.55


Mangrove Jack's - Handcrafted Premium Cider

We featured the Citra Hopped Apple Cider and Rosé Cider in our December newsletter. They proved to be such a success with you all, we thought we'd run them again this month. 

Each pouch makes 23 litres of cider. We'll leave you to calculate the price per litre!


Mangrove Jack's - Roasted Stout with FREE 1.2kg Beerworks Liquid Malt Enhancer

These Mangrove Jacks pouches are a fantastic range of kits brand new to the UK market.

A black creamy stout, rich in dark chocolate and smooth fruitiness. Smooth and satisfying.


Mini Keg with Ball Lock and Diptube

No bottling or wasting that little bit left over from standard sized 23L batches and a 19L keg and perfect for smaller experimental batches. Comes complete with Ball Lock Cap and Diptube

Fantastic price reductions!