Pocket pH Tester Instructions

Measuring range: 0-14

Automatic calibration: 1 point calibration (pH7.00)

Resolution: 0.1pH - Accuracy: +/- 0.1 pH +/- 1 digit

Power: AAA Batteries 1.5V. x2


Rinse the electrode with pure water and wipe it dry. Immerse the electrode in the standard buffer solution pH 7.00. Stir gently and wait. When the display is stable, press the key for about two seconds until " CAL " appears on the LCD. Then calibration value "7.00" will flash and the calibration will be completed after a few seconds.


Rinse the electrode with pure water and wipe it dry. Immerse the electrode in the sample solution. Stir gently and wait until a stable reading can be obtained. After measurement, rinse the electrode with pure water, wipe it dry and replace the protection cap.


The instrument can be continuously used for 1 to 2 weeks or longer after calibration. The sponge in the protection cap should always be kept wet by adding pure water, (but not too much to overflow), to maintain the activation of the electrode.

To ensure reliability of calibration, pH standard buffer solution should be reliable and should be renewed as necessary.

Maintenance is necessary for the tip of the electrode as it will become dirty after several hours before re-calibrating the instrument. The approximate lifespan of a pH electrode is about one year.

The electrode should be immediately replaced by a new one when measuring accuracy and response speed fail to meet user's requirement. Replacing method: There is an 8mm screw thread on the head of the electrode. To avoid the silicon ring falling off, when going through the screw thread unscrew the electrode by turning it in anti-clockwise direction 7-8 times, then gently pull out the electrode. Then carefully insert the new electrode and turn in a clockwise direction until it fits tightly.

When not in use for 10 minutes or more, the instrument will automatically switch off.

Insert a new battery when the battery icon appears empty on the LCD (The electrode reference number is 92200-007-re).