At Love Brewing, secure handling of your personal data and card details are of utmost importance to us.

We use a secure server to encrypt all your information. To do this our server uses a technology called Secure Socket Layer, most commonly referred to as SSL. The component that provides the encryption is called a SSL certificate and is provided by an external authority who verify the security and authenticity of our server.

Our SSL certificate is provided by Comodo, one of the foremost providers in the field, and uses 256bit AES encryption to secure your details. Not sure what that means? Well it's the exact same type and grade of security as used by the all major banking institutions in the UK, and is also the standard encryption the U.S. government trusts to secure its most sensitive information.

When you are on a SSL encrypted page you will see a padlock symbol in your browser, and the address will begin with https:// instead of the regular https://. Depending upon your browser, the address bar may also change colour to signify the page is secure.