T500 Tap Connection

The T500 requires that the water flow used to cool the column is carefully controlled. The best way to do this is by using the needle valve (flow adjuster) which is supplied with the machine. This allows for the precise control of water flow to the T500 column.

This is designed to fit onto a modern kitchen tap. When we say modern we need one that has an aerator on the end of it. This is normally a screw fitting which holds a piece of metal gauge in place and breaks up the water as its flows through the tap. You need to take this off and screw the the needle valve directly into the tap.

20mm BSP Tap Adapter.

If this is not an option then we suggest that you purchase the 20mm BSP Adaptor which will screw into the end of the needle valve. The 20mm BSP Adaptor will allow you to use a washing machine fitting or an outside style tap with an external 20mm thread.

  • Water flow controller with male threaded adapter installed. (Suitable for modern taps with a screw in aerator).

  • The water flow controller with the male threaded adapter removed.

  • The water flow controller with the 20mm BSP adapter fitted, suitable for external threaded taps, such as outdoor/laundry taps or washing machine connections.

  • Rubber Tap Connector.

    If neither of the two screw fittings are possible, we have one remaining option and that is to use a push on rubber tap connector fitting. This will simply push over your tap. The problem is that you will not be able to use the needle valve to control flow as accurately as we’d like.

    The rubber tap connector is an extremely tight fit into the T500 water inlet pipe. To make fitting easier, soak the end of the inlet tube in some boiling water to soften it. You can also use the end of a pen or pair of sciscors to expand the opening slightly. The rubber tap connector should fit much easier this way.

    The reason the water flow is so important is we are only concerned with controlling the water temperature at the outlet point. Once we have this set if we get fluctuating water pressures its much easier to look at this when the needle valve is in line. Don’t worry if this is not an option all we have to do is try and run the still when other people in the house aren’t using water (like the washing machine and running a bath).