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Using the Air Still - Making your wash, distilling, and using essences.

3 thoughts on “Using the Air Still - Making your wash, distilling, and using essences.”

  • stephen r

    exellent video richard

  • Christopher

    Hi I have a question about the sugars please. You refer to using 7kg of glucose powder "The reason we have 7kg of brewing sugar as opposed to 6kg of granulated sugar" .. Do you mean you can use 6kg of ordinary household white sugar if you choose?

    • Alistair

      We recommend Brewing Sugar as it producers a much cleaner tasting spirit. You must use slightly more quantity as there is a percentage in the brewing sugar which is unfermentable. Its more expensive so some people don’t think its value for money so we leave that decision up to you. Any ordinary granulated sugar will do.

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