Beer Making

  1. Beginners Guide to Airlocks

    An airlock is a device that keeps outside, contaminated air from entering the airspace within the demijohn, carboy, or fermentation bucket. This prevents undesirable bacteria and mould from contaminating the wort during the fermentation and aging process. An airlock prevents allows the generated carbon dioxide produced during fermentation to escape without letting air in which […]

  2. Using An Immersion Heater

    Using An Immersion Heater Now you have your Love Brewing Immersion Heater it’s important to understand the capabilities ofthis. Depending on where you are doing the fermentation its worth trying this in water before youstart using it on the fermentation. This way you can check to see if it will accurately record thetemperature, you are […]

  3. Brewstore Guides

    Provided by Brewstore (now closed) to support the making of their beer kits, including small batch brewery.

  4. Operating the S30 Valve

    Operating the S30 Valve The S30 Valve is a very simple injection and pressure release valve, engineered for use with a pressure container for dispensing beer and lightly carbonated drinks. Due to their simple nature, S30 valves rarely go wrong, but if they do, you need to know how they work in order to diagnose […]

  5. Priming your beer, cider or lager

    Priming Your Drink We have to decide whether we are bottling, barrelling or using a Cornelius Keg. Once the decision is made: Carbonation happens when the fermentation has finished by adding more sugar to the beer. The yeast thinks it’s finished converting all the sugar into alcohol (gives off CO2 Gas when it’s doing this) […]

  6. Beer Kit Instructions (Download & Print)

    We have a huge range of beer kits available. If you would like to check out our download guides with instructions. Look here!

  7. Beerworks Beer Kit Instructions (Download & Print)

    Here you’ll find instructions for making our own brand of beer kits. Beerworks beer kits are our most popular sell kits. Read More

  8. Beginners Guide to Beer Making

    Firstly, let’s look at the equipment we are going to need to make our own beer. We are going to assume we will be doing 40 pints.

  9. Learn to Brew Using Beer Kits

    If you have never brewed your own beer before then an easy way to get started is by using beer kits. See how here!

  10. Grainfather FAQ

    For those that want to try brewing beer at a more professional level. The Grainfather is the way forward. See how here

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