Cider Making

  1. Using An Immersion Heater

    Using An Immersion Heater Now you have your Love Brewing Immersion Heater it’s important to understand the capabilities ofthis. Depending on where you are doing the fermentation its worth trying this in water before youstart using it on the fermentation. This way you can check to see if it will accurately record thetemperature, you are […]

  2. Priming your beer, cider or lager

    Priming Your Drink We have to decide whether we are bottling, barrelling or using a Cornelius Keg. Once the decision is made: Carbonation happens when the fermentation has finished by adding more sugar to the beer. The yeast thinks it’s finished converting all the sugar into alcohol (gives off CO2 Gas when it’s doing this) […]

  3. Which is best? A spindle press or a cross beam press?

    Here, at Lovebrewing we are often asked to explain the difference between the two styles of fruit press, so here are a few of the things we discuss:

  4. Do I need to buy a Wine/Cider/Fruit press?

    Thinking of buying a Fruit Press? Richard discusses the reasons why you may or may not want to buy a press for Wine and Cider Making

  5. Cider Ingredients Pack Guide

    Cider Making – we’ve put all the ingredients required to make cider into a complete bundle. Here Richard explains what they are.

  6. Cider Making Made Easy

    A comprehensive guide to making Cider at home. You’ll learn how to make your own cider and also find some tips & tricks to get it right.

  7. Ciderworks Cider Kit Instructions

    Ciderworks Cider Kits are easy to make and taste great!. See these instructions to find out how. With some hints & tips along the way.

  8. Using a Hydrometer

    A Hydrometer is an essential item in any home brewers toolkit. It measures Specific Gravity. Richard explains how and why to use it.

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