We are pleased to announce that we have improved the quality of our grape juice for our Riocca Wine Kits

We know you'll be happy to learn that we have improved the flavour of our Riocca Wine kits. Not only that, but the juice no longer comes in the foil pack as it did before but comes in a plastic container with a screwtop lid making it easier to handle and pour.

The following products will now contain the improved grape juice:

Wineworks Superior Red Riocca with Superior Wine Starter Bundle (30 Bottle)

Wineworks Superior Red Riocca with Luxury Wine Starter Bundle (30 Bottle)

Wineworks Superior Red Riocca Wine Kit

Wineworks Premium Red Riocca Wine Kit


Because we are now using a new grape variety you may find that the fermentation process takes a little longer. You should expect to allow approx 14 days for fermentation.

Submersible Immersion HeaterNow that the nights are drawing in and the temperatures are dropping, especially during the night, it may be time to plan ahead a little!

At this time of year when everything is in fruit it means that for most brewers it can be a busy time. If you have spent the summer brewing you won't have been to concerned about the temperature.

Already, the temperatures are beginning to drop and that's not good for fermentation. If it doesn't have a little warmth it will just stop. So to protect yourself against temperatures dropping we have several soluctions.

If you are brewing wine/beer/cider in a large bucket then you could take a look at the submersible Imersion Heater - which is probably the most effiecient because when its placed in the centre of the bucket it's heating radially from the inside out. This heater has a thermostat which is set at the factory to 24 deg C which is usually fine in the UK (although it can be set manually if required).

If you are making wine using demijohns then you can take a look at the 2 and 4 demijohn Heat Trays. If you are on a budget then consider the Brew Belt which wraps around the demijohn.

Immersion Heater

Heat Tray | 2 Demijohn

Heat Tray | 4 Demijohn

Brew Belt

The Easy Bottle Drainer allows you to stack up your bottles as you're washing them. Until now we only sold this as a complete package with a tray and 2 draining racks.

We are now pleased to announce that we're also selling them as seperate components. Which means that you can for example purchase more racks. The racks can be stacked to a maximum of 7 levels high which means that you can have a whooping 112 bottles stacked. 

If you don't want to stack too high then you can now also buy the tray seperately and make another stack.

Thank you Bill for sending us this useful information about creating your own labels for bottles:

"Just a tip for your customers who want to make their own labels …..

* I use “Label Planet” blank adhesive laser/inkjet labels, from Amazon, generally the “Photo Gloss” as the rendition is superb, easy to apply and come off easy after bottle finished and soaked.

* These are also excellent value compared to Avery, and perfect size.

* I tend to use the 99.1x67.1 mm labels for normal half or full size bottles, and the 63.5x38.1 mm labels for small (e.g. <200ml) bottles

* The larger labels are £18.24 for 200 labels (so 11p each) and the small labels work out at £7.95 for 105 labels (7.5p ea).

* See https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00AWP0ZH6/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

If you’ve ever watched the brilliant series “Breaking Bad” on Netflix, then you’ll appreciate the “Heisenberg” tag!!

A very small selection of my finished labels ….

Best Regards …. Bill"

New Product Added 13/02/2017

The Muntons 6 bottle wine range uses named varietal grape concentrate to produce true-to-style white and red wines. In addition this selected range includes a well balanced Rosé to offer the occasional winemaker a subtle choice of wine styles. They require the moderate addition of sugar to brew 6 bottles and their design sits on the shelf to perfectly complement the  Muntons Country wine range.