Are home brews vegan?

Beers, wines, spirits and other drinks can be made at home in a vegan friendly way.

Nearly all products used to make beers and wines are vegan friendly. However, there are some ingredients that can be used that aren’t, but thankfully these are optional for creating your own brews and therefore can be left out.

They are used as finings, which clarify the drinks, but have no impact on the flavours. These include Isinglass, Gelatine and Chitosan. If you avoid adding these products during the process, your drinks will be vegan friendly. Read more below.

In our products...

In the Wineworks Wine Kits, we supply Kieselsol and Chitosan. This will work for a Vegan if you just leave out the Chitosan and just use the Kieselsol, which is a this is a man made chemical. It might take a little longer to work its magic but will still do the job.

It’s the same with beer. But here you don’t actually need to use any finings - so all will be good.

With Spirit making again it’s the same as wine with Chitosan and Kieselsol. You can leave the Chitosan out.

With that in mind, you can browse Love Brewing's home brew products with confidence.